Fiber artist and writer, Sylvia Warner, enjoys passing on her skills. Perhaps it is the teacher in her. She has a MA degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Michigan. She taught in community colleges and universities in the USA and Canada for over 25 years before retiring early to pursue a second career in the arts. Her weaving and felted works reflect her love for nature. “I like to keep a raw texture and rich colors to my works to remind us of the simple beauty of this Southwestern landscape.” Sylvia lives in north-central New Mexico, spending a good part of each day outside, hiking with her two dogs.

Currently, Sylvia Warner is working on a fourth book of fantasized memories soon to be self published. Check out her books at, including her book on her tapestries, You Are Here, as well as the elegant series of photography/poetry books called Mind's Eye of Artist and Poet, co-authored with Zsombor Gyokossy. Sylvia prefers to do book design herself, self publishing with Sylva has self published over 12 books with so far.

Sylvia's larger tapestries depict the pueblos of New Mexico, natural settings around her. Some incorporate use of twigs, reeds, and felt applique work. Recently Sylvia has also begun a a series of smaller tapestries she calls “Songs”, woven on a simple tapestry loom. On her days at the gallery, you'll find her working on a portable project. “That way people can get an idea of what weaving and wet felting are all about.” You can reach her at if you have comments or questions about her works.