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Sylvia Warner Presents Fiber Art

Jemez Fine Art Gallery, Sept 2 - 9

This year I have selected some of my best tapestries and banners for our art exhibit. Featured are two pueblo tapestries: the mid sized “Isleta Pueblo, Circa 1939” and a smaller work of Sandia Pueblo. My felted works are presented on fabric banners and make handy shields from the summer sun. There will be smaller tapestries, small enough to roll up and fit in a suitcase.

Launching an art show can be a challenge, especially when you have invited others to participate. The trick is to keep track of the guest artists. Teenage Sienna McIntyre is now back on my virtual track after disappearing into the black hole of summer camp. David Torney, wildlife photographer 'par excellence' has returned from a trip to the Vancouver area with his wife, Tevi. And Elise Martin, fiber artist and master dyer, is probably off camping in Northern Michigan. All these talented individuals, I met at the Jemez Fine Art Gallery. Sooner or later I'll assemble their contributions to my show and print out the labels.

I always enjoy a good show hanging! Again this year, Benjamin Green, member of the gallery collective, will help me hang up the works in the charming South Gallery! With his ever ready, quiet manner, he is the perfect assistant. He knows when to keep quiet and when to make suggestions. And my dear artist friend, Jim Forcier-Call, will be stopping in to help with the tedious job of getting that show slogan on the wall. Finally, we can stand back and admire our work, which usually takes an intense two or three hours.

You ask, "Will I be having an artist reception this year?" The answer is “No,” as I belong to the old school who still take precautions due to the ongoing Covid epidemic. No, I will be home in the mountains of northern New Mexico when you stop by the gallery to check out this Labor Day, week-long art exhibit. But I'm sure you will sense our spirits in the room. This 'last show' is for you, my friends.

Sylvia Lee Warner, August, 2022

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