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Carol Ordogne grew up in Southern California and moved to Hawaii where she earned an art degree. She later moved to Louisiana thinking it was a short stop for graduate school. However she ended up staying in Louisiana for 30 years. She enjoyed her career there as a landscape architect. But when she and husband Paul retired she was very happy to move West and settle in the village of Placitas. She now makes frequent visits to the charming town of Jemez Springs which inspires her artwork.

Carol Ordogne’s goal in painting is to show the beauty of light and color as it plays across an animal or landscape. Her newest technique to begin a painting is covering the entire canvas with black gesso. Some of this black shows through as outlines. She uses a lively color palette on top of the black gesso. The effect is similar to her linocut prints or has the look of stained glass.

Carol’s artistic journey evolved last year with the pandemic stay at home orders and with the birth of her grandchildren. She wanted to reach out to New Mexican children and teach them about nature. She began a linocut series to accomplish that goal. Like Japanese prints there is no reference to light or form, creating a flat artwork of black outlines and bright colors. She hopes that this book of 27 prints and rhyming couplets will introduce the next generation to the huge variety of plants and animals that make up our world.